Peaceful Pregnancy Meditation Series
To Help Ease Your Pregnancy And Give You Peace
Recommended By Many Doctors To Calm And Relax You During Your Most Crucial Time
Pregnancy Doesn't Have To Be A Painful, Lonely Process...
As a mother myself, I know just how scary and painful pregnancy can be. It seems like you're going through it alone - no one else can feel what you feel, no one can sense just how uncomfortable you are both emotionally and physically. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

That's why I created these three calming meditations. Each one will help you feel more and more relaxed, at peace, and comfortable with your pregnancy. Listen to them at least three times a week (and several times during labor) and watch as, almost magically, your pregnancy goes from painful to pleasurable. You will no longer feel drained, scared, uncertain, or ill.

As your courage grows and your fears diminish, you'll find yourself enjoying your pregnancy, instead of dreading it. Plenty of other expectant mothers have heard these meditations and have benefited from them by a reduction in their fears and stress, both of which have been associated with a negative impact on the developing baby in the womb.  The health of your baby is dependent on you feeling calm and relaxed.
Your Peaceful Pregnancy Meditation Series Includes:
Meditation #1: Pregnant Pause
Take time to allow your brain, body, and soul to relax. This meditation walks you through calming your body and allowing you to fill up with joy and comfort while controlling your stress and creating confidence for what lies ahead.

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36 Minutes
Meditation #2: Breathe. Believe. Receive. 
Love your body and the changes it's going through.  Use your breathing to unlock the blessings of heaven to calm your fears and allow you to access the divine grace inside of you - Let go of emotional pressure and gain clarity.

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38 Minutes
Meditation #3: 
Relax Into Labor
Listen to this meditation to relax your body, easing your muscles, and ridding you of pain. Discover how your creativity and imagination can unlock pleasure.  Use your mind to relieve any tension caused by your pregnancy.

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30 Minutes
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How To Use These Meditations:  Some women choose to use one meditation per trimester.  Others prefer to switch them up randomly.  Each meditation is designed to make you feel relaxed through your body, spirit, and mind.  It is recommended to listen to these meditations at least three times a week and several times during labor and delivery.  Women often wear headphones in the labor room to drown out the sounds around them, keeping them entirely focused on the words in these recordings.  Do not listen to these meditations while driving.
  What People Are Saying:
"...This experience was very calm and relaxed compared to my last birth..."
"...I found them to be them to be the most relaxing things I've heard in a long time..."
"...I am amazed and paralyzed at the power you have to make fears melt away..."
"...I was quiet, calm, and much less anxious getting my things done after listening..."
"...Thank you very very much!  ...Calming and comforting"
"...It's ridiculously well written and well spoken.  Totally love it..."
Who Is Coach Meliss?
Author, Health, and Life Coach
Meliss is a successful marketer and business owner having been featured across many different publications including Forbes. She's also a life coach, having helped hundreds of women lose weight, clear stress, and follow their dreams. But none of that compares to the joy she finds in being a mother to her two beautiful boys. 

Ever since Meliss was 4, she has loved the idea of having a huge family - wanting to have 12 kids! She has tried over and over to have more children. Hers or not, babies and kids always bring a smile to her face and light up her world. She's currently in the process of attempting to have child number 3 and that's where the idea for these meditations comes in. 

Stress and frustration take a huge toll on your body during pregnancy. Meliss wanted to find a way to help women find joy and pleasure in being pregnant. That's why she created these beautiful meditations, to help women just like her discover just how powerful their minds can be at preventing and releasing physical and emotional pain. 
Disclaimer: Trust your instincts and see a medical provider or seek medical advice.  These sessions are only meant to calm and relax you.  They are not intended to replace medical treatment.
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