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Awesome Clients
"Meliss, I want to thank you so much...having just completed your program...When I started this journey I wasn't sure if it was for me...I had just had a breakup...was lost, depressed and full of fear, and beating myself up the it was my fault...but you suggested to give it a try. Some days were very difficult to get thru but as days went by, I learned how being grateful for where I am was changing my feelings and was finding relief. Now today, I'm so much more in touch and paying attention to my thoughts. Meliss you were a blessing in my life and I will be forever grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Helen R., Former Aid to the Developmentally Disabled
“Got my third week of pulmonary rehab done- Today, I was bumped up to 10 minutes on the machines- so my nemesis (the tread mill) and I had a little chat- we upped my speed and we did ten minutes- I kept hearing this voice in my ear: "You can do it. Do not give up. You can do anything for just 1 minute!"- So I looked at the tread mill in increments of 1 minute- not thinking of the total of ten- Can you guess whose voice I heard? Yep! It was Meliss Jakubovic's- just saying over and over, "You can do it! It is just 1 minute!" Thank you Meliss! I still look to you for support and encouragement. It is just 1 minute!!!! ”
Judith O., Former Social Worker
“Meliss has become my friend brought together by her business, but we become so much more than that! Her willingness to lend a hand, lend encouragement and mindset change has been something I have never seen before in another human being. No matter the day or the time for that matter, she always amazes me with her drive and love to help others "push positive"! She's an incredible woman! Will always put a smile on your face and is the definition of a kick-ass single mother with a heart of gold! She has helped me pull myself out of a deep funk and helped me to make my mindset shift, which is something I don't think I could ever repay her for! So honored to have met her!”
Kayla M., Mama-preneur
“Geez - where do I start? First, you inspire me with all you do and accomplish; you are raising loving, charming, and successful boys all while writing books, helping others with fitness, teaching gratitude, DJing, teaching dance classes, and much more that I can't think of at the moment. You personally helped me lose about 12 pounds by introducing me to the 21 Day Fix. You reminded me to have gratitude for everything; to look at life in a more positive way. This is really important to me when it's time to pay the bills, mortgage, car payment, etc. Instead of thinking "all my money goes to bills" I now think, "I'm so thankful I have the money to pay all the bills". You are an amazing lady and I am honored to know you .”
Stacy M., Wetland Biologist
“Meliss was my fitness coach; someone that helped me see my own potential and was my cheerleader through my weight-loss process. She is someone I see as an inspiration, amazing at what she does, and a genuine person trying to help the world one person at a time. Much love sister :)”
Cathy R., Business Owner, Nurse  
“ I have to say that Meliss is an inspiration. She is a very strong and positive person with the power of encouragement. I never miss a replay of her 'Push Positive Live Broadcast' videos on Tuesday and I am always reading her posts because they lift me up and inspire me...”
Jenny W., Graphic Artist
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