"Know that you are not alone and having someone here to hold your hand is sometimes all you need to take that leap of faith! " - Meliss from My Coach Meliss
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"Meliss, your loving energy and beautiful smile, which comes from the inside out, is inspiring and magical. You are always available to help, and it is so clear that you are excited about helping people bring gratitude and love into our lives, whether it is our relationship to money, people or things. You have inspired my life with your uplifting energy to live in the magic of life every minute of every day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" - Aliza G.
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Introducing "My First 30 Personal Developmental Audio Trainings" - The Secret To True Happiness In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day
"I have so much love and gratitude for the journey I went on with the guidance and help from Meliss. Thank you so much for opening my eyes."
Natalie R.
Thinking This Is Just Another "Feel Good" Audio Set? Think Again!
Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to overcome setbacks, remove negativity from your life, and finally start feeling happy and attracting positive emotions to yourself... any time you want (or need to) - instantly? 

That's what these personal development audio trainings will do for you. Look at everything you'll learn by listening to these trainings once a day:
  • Start your day off with a force of positivity that will help you conquer the negative emotions swarming your day-to-day
  •  Use these trainings to really put into practice tactics that will help you become more positive - in less than 10 minutes a day
  •  Explore more complex tactics to readjust your world view to be centered on the positive instead of the negative
  •  Just listen and think about what I'm telling you in these trainings and you'll automatically start to see more positivity in your life
  •  These trainings will turn you into a positivity magnet - you'll feel happier, lighter, and better about life just by listening everyday

You're now going to finally learn how to see the world in a positive light, and you're also going to learn how to achieve happiness and have more confidence in your life so you can set bigger goals and accomplish those goals faster than you thought possible.

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